The Property Wizard next Door - Interviews with 17 inspiring Real Estate Investors

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Want to get into Real Estate Investing but don't know how and where to start?

How do others get into it? Do you need a big inheritance, win in the lottery or hodled boatloads of Bitcoins? The answer is, there are many different ways and no - you need none of these presets.

We've interviewed 17 inspiring property investors from next door who reveal their secrets of how they managed to get into Real Estate and become successful with it. Follow their stories and read about their successes, their failures, their learning lessons and get inspired along the way.

Featured in this e-book

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What you'll learn

  • how to buy properties without or only a small amount of money down

  • how to leverage other people's money for maximum wealth building

  • how to cash out your money and move on to the next deal

  • how to turn things around when things go awry

  • how to make investing in rentals work for YOU

  • how to build passive income to enjoy a life of freedom

  • a list of the best real estate investing books out there

  • a glossary with terms of the trade to help you find your way in the real estate jungle

From the book

Mastered Challenges

"The contractors had just finished the entire kitchen and that night the ceiling collapsed due to a slow leak on the second floor bathroom. Two days and $2,000 later everything was good as new."

- @RealFrugalMogul

"I dealt with late rent, tenants lying to me, multiple evictions, destroyed apartments, cops, drugs, prostitution, guns, etc. I had to do full rehabs on three of the units as the tenants completely destroyed the places after they moved out. I managed to keep my composure, learned a lot of DIY methods and put in sweat equity and met some great contractors along the way to help me out."

- @LandlordRev


"I paid approximately $55K for that house and it's worth over $500K today. I still own and rent it out and it's always been a cash cow. I have also leveraged the equity several times to do other deals. Needless to say, that purchase (and my Uncle) changed my life."

- @joseph_agins

"Covid meant my last purchase was delayed by 6 months, but again I approached it with a positive mindset. My view was that I agreed and signed a contract at a price that then increased in the 6 months, but the price I paid didn't. I made £7,000 by just waiting."

- @SHHouses

"My first property was a BRRRR that allowed me to cash out $103,000 from the deal (after spending less than $50K as a down payment and closing costs). Holding that check was the best day of my life! I have also had very positive experiences with my tenants, which is rewarding because I am very proud of my properties and love the idea of providing a safe and reliable home to a family."

- @RealFrugalMogul

"About 5 years later I completed another cash out refinance netting me approximately $45,000 after closing. I had bought in a high growth area without knowing it would jump quickly."

- @LandlordRev

Grab a cup of tea (or coffee ;-)) and read about our property wizard's journey towards wealth.

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The Property Wizard next Door - Interviews with 17 inspiring Real Estate Investors

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